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G-unit Gez
G-unit GezDirector & Personal Trainer
Ph. 0403 991 816
Your Strength & Nutrition Specialist
Gez (Gerard) McFadden is the owner of Play – Fun Fitness & Performance.
Gez’s qualifications include Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition and Sports, Diploma of Applied Science in Biology, Certificate lll & IV in Fitness, Senior First Aid and CPR.

Gez has always been in the services industry helping people in different ways from being a Cardiac Technician assisting doctors perform tests on people’s hearts to solving computer problems as a Helpdesk Technician/Supervisor, before finding his true passion in Personal Training. For Gez nothing has been more rewarding to him than helping people change their lives through better health.

Gez gains an amazing feeling of satisfaction watching the journey and the life changing experiences Play’s clients go through to attain their goals while conquering their fears and doubts along the way.

Gez has enjoyed a variety of sports since age 5, with a heavy emphasis on Rugby Union/League and Natural Bodybuilding. Gez has represented the ACT in rugby union and has placed 2nd at the Australian Natural Bodybuilding Titles over 2 years as well as representing Australia in the 2003 Natural Olympia in Auckland New Zealand. He understands the discipline and drive required to achieve goals which can be related to the very busy lifestyles of everyday people.

Birthday? 19th January

Sporting achievements? Placed 1st in ANB 2010, 2nd in Novice & Intermediate INBA Australian Titles in Body Building. Represented Canberra A.C.T in Rugby Union

Favourite Food? Lean protein, sweet potato and brocolli!

Favourite Sport? Bodybuilding and Rugby Union/League

Favourite Exercise? Dead lifts

What Makes you ‘Push It’? Drive to succeed

Specialities? Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, Bodybuilding/Sculpting and Competition Preparation.

What do you love doing when you’re not changing peoples lives? Hanging out at the beach, mountain climbing and eating good food.

Favourite Quote? “Champions aren’t made in the tournament, they’re made in training”

Massive Mark
Massive MarkPersonal Trainer & Health Specialist
Ph. 5437 8322

Birthday? 31st December

Sporting achievements? Rugby union

Favourite Food? Seafood- Mudcrab!

Favourite Sport? Rugby union and league and cricket …and most other sports!

Favourite Exercise? Dumbbell Chest Press

What Makes you ‘Push It’? Knowledge that I’ve added value to some ones life.

Specialities? Muscle Gain, Fitness, Weight Loss and Structured, Measurable Results!

What do you love doing when you’re not changing peoples lives? Playing Golf or Surfing

Favourite Quote? NEVER NEVER NEVER give up.

Siarn Stokes
Siarn StokesPersonal Trainer

Birthday? 4th January

Sporting achievements? Completed the 2011, 100km Oxfam Trail with 3 of my amazing clients

Favourite Food? Salmon!! Mm mmm

Favourite Sport? Soccer and Touch Football

Favourite Exercise? The Clean and Jerk

What Makes you ‘Push It’? Focusing on my goal and visualising my outcome. I also love it when my clients achieve their goals, it pushes me harder to achieve mine.

Specialities? Weight loss, strength and conditioning and rehabilitation.

What do you love doing when you’re not changing peoples lives? Anything outdoors and adrenalin filled. Climbing, hiking, riding, canoeing, snow boarding; I love an adventure!

Favourite Quote? ‘you can because you think you can’


Our Play Fitness Rehabilitation team has four Accredited Exercise Physiologists who are all university graduates of Exercise Science. We have  EPC/CDM, DVA Veteran, Workcover and Diabetes Program who work closely with a team of Dieticians to provide you the best results.