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Introduction to Exercise

Most people have been led to believe that changing your body just involves strict dieting.

Healthy and consistent nutrition is a huge part, but without exercise you aren’t able to achieve the actual body shape you want. Calorie restriction with out effective exercise will just leave you in a saggy human shell, you simply go from being overweight to being a skinny fat person.

The skinny fat person is a tragic waste of a human body! We are made to be brilliant!! But by lacking the muscle and bone structure not to mention a healthy mindset to hold yourself with strength or confidence you don’t feel empowered or positive about your body because underneath the smaller sized clothing is still the side effects of being over weight. The flabby flesh and lose skin, wobbly bits and lack of muscle tone are still lurking underneath. The outside may have changed but the inside still feels unworthy and punished.

The answer to this problem is… the gift of EXERCISE! Yes, heart pumping, body moving, endorphin releasing, muscle strengthening and enjoyable exercise!

The only way to shape the body is through effective weight resistance exercise, starvation, deprivation, yo-yoing, under eating, following fad after fad or simply not knowing will never get you the results you crave.

You may have looked at others and said they just have good genetics, but that’s not always true! Many people who really love exercise now may not have before they started, but they practiced discipline, control and dedicated time and energy into their body and got the benefit of it.

Exercise doesn’t have to control your life, it should be enjoyable, motivating and most importantly it should get you results.

Having a Play trainer to help you set goals for your training is inspiring and motivating! Then seeing what you achieve is one of the greatest feelings in the world! It is far better than suffering through a diet only to become a saggy human shell!! Maybe your goal would be to building a bigger chest or strong back, or having shapely legs and great posture! You must ask yourself more than just I want to lose weight; You need to ask yourself what your ultimate body looks like! Wether it be healthy, fit, toned, strong, muscular, firm, lifted!

Exercise is the only way to truly shape and sculpt your body into a masterpiece.

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