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Interested in losing weight ?

Have you struggled to lose body fat or gain size for years on end? Do you feel hopeless about the shape of your body, do mirrors make you shudder in fear, do you feel horrified at the flab on your arms and in-between your legs or the excess fleshiness on your belly or around your back and hips?

Does the lack on muscle on your biceps, shoulders or upper body make you feel self conscious? Does your body still look frustratingly boy-like? Does it become embarrassing to take your shirt of at the beach or pool? When look at yourself do you see a weedy, scrawny or lanky body? Do you feel weak or emasculated around the opposite sex or other men who are muscular?

DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE the way you FEEL and LOOK for GOOD!!?

If multiple diets or exercise programs have left you feeling like nothing will ever work then we have the solution that will reshape your life for ever.

If you want to feel completely free of the pain that being over weight or scrawny causes then it is time to change for good, not punishing yourself on a strict diet or lifting weights with no results but reshaping you, inside and outside.

The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result! There is no point going on diets again and again or lifting weights by your self to get big with no results and only to slip back into old patterns.

To truly change for the better we must educate ourselves to level higher than where our problems arose. Weight loss, muscle gain, nutrition and exercise go hand in hand for life.

It takes 21-30 days to form a new healthy habit, but you must also learn how to undo the ones that created a negative effect on your mind and body too. If its taken 3 or 5 years or 10 or 15 years or more to create the damage to your body you are going to have to take time to undo that damage, there is no such thing as a quick fix as you probably know they un-fix themselves straight after and do more damage than good!

Sunshine Coast Weight Loss Centre

It is possible to be healthy and fit well into mature age of 70+! It can be a reality to be a motivated and healthy woman or an energetic and muscular man at any age!

With guidance and motivation from us you can address all the influences on your lifestyle that had led you to where you are now, be it genetics, mental conditioning, negative patterns or simply no knowing where to start. We all have the potential to be fit, strong, healthy and happy.

At Play we will inject you with a zest for life and open your mind to higher levels of success!! You will get a new mental perspective, a healthy eating plan to lose body fat and gain muscles and improve your metabolism! You will take part in exercise that you love doing, that you look forward to and that pumps you up and gets you excited, motivated and on a roll week in, week out!

The combination of a new mental attitude, great nutrition and awesome exercise tailored for you is the answer not just one or the other, they work in perfect balance and are all required to change your lifestyle for good.

Start reclaiming your freedom, happiness, strength and health right now!!

Ask how we can start guiding you towards your new tomorrow, today!


One on One Nutrition Consultation Sunshine Coast

Nutrition consultations are highly beneficial when starting out as well as throughout the process of changing your body and mindset.

The Play Fitness team are dedicated to helping you in ever facet of your health. All our team is highly educated about what will help you achieve the best results in regards to your nutrition and are all able to motivate and offer educated answers to all your questions regarding nutrition it is best to have an honest and open time for you to express everything you want to learn about how to live well.

Specifically we have to experts on nutrition and mindset, who are dedicated to offering you in-depth consultations about why you eat what you eat and what to eat to achieve your results. They will tailor a plan that will fit into your lifestyle, hold you accountable for your results and guide you through your journey.

Gez McFadden is dedicated to assisting hard gainers or those who are seeking to build muscle and size with his expert knowledge and experience. For men and women who want to gain muscle and reshape their body.

He also caters to those who wish to compete in body building; preparing a full program of training, nutrition, posing, mental discipline and competition day preparation.

Play Fitness is committed to helping people who want to lose weight and resolve their negative eating problems. Addressing challenges such as overeating, bulimia and anorexia nervosa. Encouraging a non-judgemental space to heal and giving people tools for positive recovery. For those women and men who want to resolve their internal conflict and create a healthy relationship with food.

You can have a private one on one consultation at any time, simply book in time with Gez to get started:

Ph: Gez 0403 991 816
Email: play@playfitness.com.au