Why Personal Training Sunshine Coast exists can be summarized in 2 words. IT WORKS! and there are bodies of  everywhere that show testament to this.

So why does Personal Training work? Well we could talk about that for hours but we wont because it is valuable time that you could better spend with your trainer experiencing the benefits, getting the results and living the difference. 

The spectrum of reasons that result in people choosing to begin and continue with a Personal Trainer all come under one umbrella and that umbrella is Motivation. Call it needs, call it results, call it wants, it all fits under motivation. All of these are reasons for action and that’s what motivation is. Motiv = reason and ation = action

Lets explore seven of the benefits of having your own trainer

1. You Get Access to Years of Knowledge and Experience – Where do you start with beginning an exercise program or improving on a current one? Which are the best types of exercise and training for you and how much should you do, how often should you do it and what are the technical skills you need to perform them correctly?

There is a lot of information flowing around in the exercise industry as to which exercise is best and there are lots of egos defending the different options. A good Personal Trainer keeps his ego in check and stays up to date with new changes in the industry and the allied health industry.

Whilst a trainer may develop his or her own specialties and philosophy they should always put the clients needs and goals first and always be flexible enough to do so even if means recommending another gym or type of training if that’s best for the client.

2. Safetyand that’s your safety by the way – A good personal trainer will always put safety first, in assessing, facilitating and progressing your exercise program. To best insure that you will achieve your goals a good trainer identifies where you are currently at with your level of fitness and health before proceeding.

This includes your strengths, potential muscle imbalances, lingering injuries, niggling pain, areas of interests, previous exercise, likes, dislikes and more. They always do this with a with a mindset of your improvement without injury

3. Accountability – Most of us know that correct exercise is good for us but that isn’t always enough to get us to do it. People generally find it easier to let them selves down more so then someone they have made an appointment with. By having an appointment with your Personal Trainer you are almost certain to keep it because you have made your self-accountable. Once you have felt the benefits its near impossible not to keep regular sessions.

4. Realistic Goal Setting and Progression Success breed’s success and self – confidence. A good personal trainer can take in lots of information about you and combine with his or her knowledge and experience to help you discover and set realistic goals and design a suitable program to help you achieve your goals in suitable time frame.

This can be crucial to motivation and adherence, which is critical to reaching your goals. In whatever we doing we all weigh up our behavior consciously or unconsciously deciding whether or not we are getting value from them.

Even if that’s something as simple as do I feel better, have more energy or am I enjoying this. A good trainer will be able to show you how you are progressing in a multitude of ways that are valuable to you, it might be weight loss or clothes fitting better, increased strength or endurance or more energy.

5. Guidance, Support and Breakthrough’s

When achieving new goals or ushering in positive change in our lives we can sometimes encounter different forms of resistance to the new change. These are often self-perceived limitations ranging from personal beliefs, low energy, time, fears, financial or others.

A committed Personal Trainer understands this and is experienced in suggesting possible solutions and guidance even if its words of encouragement that enable you to breakthrough perceived barriers or find positive alternative solutions.

6. Self Obsolescencethe trainers that is, not yours. A good Personal Trainer looks to educate and teach those of his/her clients who are interested. Helping them get to a point in their training where they could train them selves if circumstances required it.

Whilst there are always benefits to staying with your Personal Trainer some times people move away for work or family reasons. A trainer knows this can on occasion happen and whilst they never like to lose a client the second best feeling for a trainer is knowing they have empowered you to a point where you could train yourself if you have to.

7. Great Return on Investment – Best value for money. It has been said that prevention is better then cure, well its also cheaper, way cheaper. Whilst consistent correctly prescribed exercise is one of the best forms of preventing diseases and ill health having a Personal Trainer is definitely a valuable way to get these returns on investment.

The number of people who pay for joining and membership fees at gyms and don’t ever use them or only use them a few times a year are not only wasting their money but also their time and opportunity. Having a personal trainer not only gets you and keeps you in great shape offsetting the chance of illness and serious long term health risks from lifestyle stressors it is also brings you the biggest return on investment from your time, energy and money.

Article by Mason Ford. Play Fitness Personal Trainer Sunshine Coast.

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