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What We Offer

Want to lose weight, gain muscle, rehabilitate an injury, be pain free, reach your peak performance in your sport, look fantastic on your big day, tone up, get quality of life and feel amazing inside and out?

We provide personalised, professional and exceptional service to achieve your goals. From your goals we can create a variety of options to best suit your desired outcome. You choose your preferred work out and with our expertise we ensure it creates your dream body!

Indoor, outdoor, studio, water, sand, light weights, heavy weights, run, skip and jump! We will bend over backwards to ensure you get the VERY best service and results. We are passionate about health and fitness!


Personal Training

Are you interested in? weight loss, muscle gain, rehabilitation, wedding day preparation, getting your body back after having your bub, feeling young and active again, being at the peak of your sport, overcoming depression, anxiety and stress or just feeling and looking your best?

The team at Play has the skills to help you achieve your dreams. It is as easy as choosing what you want to achieve and letting one of our Playful Play team help you achieve it!


Group & Outdoor Classes

Are you looking for a fun fitness session to get you motivated, inspired, meeting new fabulous fun people and enjoying life to the maximum?

Group sessions are a fantastic way to get your body into shape and achieve a happier and healthier you.


Corporate  Gym Membership

Having challenges with staff morale or productivity or are you just looking give your staff that extra Zing which will increase their productivity, reduce absenteeism, increase staff retention and build stronger loyalty to your business and its success.

Create a positive and healthy work culture with our tailored group sessions. Increase your businesses productivity by 80%. Improve staff morale and create a stronger, happier work force simply through group exercise!

Less time being sick, stressed, over worked and unhappy means that more time is spent making your business successful and creating happier lifestyles for the staff who make your business what it is. Happy staff means happy customers!


Weight Loss & Nutrition

A lot of people are interested in losing weight in the fastest way possible. Especially after a bit too much Christmas cheer. We pride ourselves on being your healthy weight loss gurus and are excited to provide vital information on how to start your New Year with a bang!