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Who Are You?

Think about it for moment…close your eyes and picture your ideal body. What do you see? 
Are you wanting to lose weight, gain muscle, rehabilitate an injury, get involved in fitness for your wedding day, getting your body back after having a baby, feel young and active again, be at the peak of your sport, overcome depression, anxiety and stress or just feel and look your absolute best?

Take into consideration your age, gender, lifestyle and goals and click on the link which seems most like you.

The team at Play has the right skills, attitude and understanding to help you achieve your dreams.  It is as easy as choosing what you want to achieve and letting one of our Playful Play team help you achieve it!

Weight loss Warrior

I want to lose weight right now! No yesterday!!! I want to learn what to eat and when! I want to do exercise that is really fun! I want to have a body I am proud of! I want to be motivated and have help regaining control of my life! I may even want to be a whole new person and throw away all my big clothes. I want a friendly fun and genuine trainer to do one on one training sessions with! I want the option to bring a friend to train with me!  I am interested – Book me a Visit

Hard Gainer

I want to get massive muscles, fast! Get one on one training with a strength and condition expert with 20 years experience in the body building scene along with a solid nutrition background you can grow huge right now!  I’m interested – Book me a Visit

Fabulous Over 40’s

I want to keep up with my busy life; I want to be an active and attractive woman in my 40s and live life to my full potential! I want to stop the ageing process in its tracks and become fit, healthy and strong for the future! I need to spend time on myself and my well being. I want to be treated with care and respect by a genuine, interested and compassionate trainer. I want to have fun and enjoy myself plus have the added bonus of stretch and massage to make me feel rejuvenated!  I am interested – Book me a Visit

Men Over 40

I want to have more of a body like I had in my 20’s, I want to lose my beer belly and have muscles! I want to have one on one training with a trainer who’s just like a mate.  I am interested – Book me a Visit

Feeling Down?

I want to regain my life and no longer live with depression. I want to be happy, healthy and have a life I look forward to living everyday! I want to have an understanding, fun and flexible trainer who will help me grow and encourage a positive mindset! I want one on one training that will improve my body, my mind and my mood! I want to have a trainer who is available and open to talk to.  I am interested – Book me a Visit

Bride or Groom to Be

I want to look amazing for my big day! I need to get a kick start towards weight loss and toning before I walk down the aisle! I need an exercise and eating plan that will help me achieve a body that I will be proud to show off in my wedding dress.. or tux.. in front of all my family, friends and my one true love. I want to be able to strut my stuff on my honeymoon and have confidence in my appearance! I need a trainer who will push me to be able to bring my dreams into fruition for my big day!  I am interested – Book me a Visit

Heal Me! (Rehabilitation)

I have had a serious injury or disability and I am ready to regain my strength, my life and be able to do everyday tasks free from pain! I want a passionate, interested, patient and genuine trainer that I can have one on one time with to heal me back to perfect health!  I am interested – Book me a Visit

Tweens (14-19yrs)

I want to get stronger and fitter for my team sport! I want to maintain or lose a little bit of puppy fat and gain self confidence for high school. I want to come in with my parent(s) to talk about me training and get my family into fitness. I want a trainer who I can relate to, have fun with, look up too and who cares about me!  I am interested – Book me a Visit

Yumi Mumi

I want to regain my body I had before I had my bub(s)! I want to lose the baby belly and feel like a toned, fit and healthy soccer mum! I want to have one on one attention to my goals and needs by a caring honest and fun friendly trainer! I want to have a relaxing stretch and massage at the end to be like the cherry on the cake! I also need the option to be trained at home, outside in the sunshine and at the state of the art private studio!I’m interested – Book me a Visit