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Rehabilitation Services Sunshine Coast – What We Do

Assessment and treatment of injuries or illness

Are you currently living with an injury, which is causing you pain and preventing you from enjoying the quality of your life?

Or have you been diagnosed with an illness and feel confused about what to do next?

Injuries and ills can keep you awake at night and restrict your ability to enjoy a full night’s sleep. Injuries can impair your ability to move freely at work, sport or even in daily lifestyle activities. Don’t ignore these symptoms, come and see our team!

Our rehabilitation service is fully supervised by our dedicated team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists. Initially we assess the nature of your injury or illness and gather a full medical history, which can affect your ability to exercise. If you are currently seeing a medical practitioner or allied health professional we will work in conjunction with them to provide a well-rounded service.

Once an assessment has been conducted our Exercise Physiologists will design an individually tailored program that meets your needs and goals.

An Exercise Physiologist is an allied health professional that uses exercise as their medicine. This profession differs to physiotherapy, which involves treatment of acute injuries. An exercise physiologist will treat musculoskeletal injuries in the sub-acute stage (following initial treatment). An Exercise Physiologist can also use exercise to work with the following conditions:

  • Cardiovascular disease treatment and prevention
  • Diabetes management
  • Neurological conditioning
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Weight loss
  • Falls prevention
  • Pain management
  • Corporate health
  • Work cover
  • Department of Veteran Affairs

Each health condition is assessed on an individual basis and is treated in one on one sessions with our Exercise Physiologists.

Can I claim a Private health rebate?
Yes, our Exercise Physiologists are registered through Medicare, which allows them to claim through the Medicare scheme, DVA and private health insurers (Bupa, NIB, AHM, MBF and many more). If you are unsure about your level of private health cover, come in and visit us and we can provide you with a quote to see what your rebate will be.

Medicare Rebates:
Medicare rebates are available if you have a chronic or complex condition diagnosed and present for more than 6 months. Under the Team Care Arrangement (TCA) or GP management plan, you just need a referral from your doctor to receive up to five visits with an Exercise Physiologist; these sessions are covered by Medicare.

How do I get started?
To begin, you need a referral completed by your GP for the Enhance Primary Care (EPC) program. Once this form is complete you can commence your program with the Exercise Physiologists at Play Fitness.

How much is rebate?
The cost for a session with the Play Fitness Exercise Physiologists is $77, of which Medicare will cover $52.95 45min session.

Current Private Health Funds that offer rebates on Exercise Physiology

Australian Health Management (AHM)


BUPA Australia


BUPA includes:





Mutual Community,








ANZ and


St. George.


Commonwealth Bank Health Services (CBHS)


CUA Health


Defence Health


Fit Health Insurance


GMF Health


Grand United (GU) Health





HCF/Manchester Unity




Health Partners


Medibank<spanstyle=’font-family:”Calibri”,”sans-serif”;’> Private

Mildura District Health Fund








Phoenix Health


Police Health


Queensland Country Health


Reserve Bank Health Society


rt<spanstyle=’font-family:”Calibri”,”sans-serif”;’> Health Fund


St Lukes Health


Teachers’ Union Health


Teachers Health Fund (THF)