How to increase your happiness and achieve great things today..

Exercise and training for happiness is one of the major benefits of any fitness regime! The physical and emotional benefit of training creates happiness on every level, improves social skills, confidence and is empowering and inspiring. Training helps you learn skills to cope better in every day life and achieve more than just wandering aimlessly through your days.

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Being deeply ingrained in the fitness industry on the Sunshine Coast (one of the most beautiful places on earth so how could I not be happy everyday!!) I get to experience this level of joy daily, so it is a now a habit of mine to be wonderfully happy. A beautiful client asked last night, how are you always so happy and how can I be like that??! It was an interesting question because I do feel incredibly happy 99.96% of the time, every day!

I was inspired and thought I must share my top 5 reasons why I find it easy to be happy so that you can to.

1. Let go. Let go and then let go some more. Nothing painful is worth holding onto, learn the lesson and then allow yourself to let go! Being angry or frustrated all the time is like holding toxic poison with the intention to throw it at someone else, you always get hurt first. It uses precious energy you could use on making yourself feel good and becomes an excuse to live less than your worth!

2. Be grateful and focus on what you do have. Interrupt the thought patterns of what you don’t have, what you’ve loss, regrets or guilt: they’re all emotional time wasters that steal your joy!

3. Help others be happy, be a living example of happiness, health and positivity. Take ownership of your emotions (when you don’t have to meet anyone’s perceived expectations or get let down when other people don’t meet your expectations, you will finally feel freed and happier!). Do, Act and Be kind to others for the pure enjoyment of it rather than to get something back. Unconditional giving rewards your soul!!

4. Move and nourish your body. When you eat well and exercise you feel nourished on a physical and mental level. Exercise is the best medicine for stress, anxiety and anger management.

Even a quick 15 minute stint of boxing, rowing, running, stair runs or cycling will increase your happiness off the chart! Strength training improves your health in many ways; it builds confidence, encourages healthy posture, it is highly motivating as you always have something to strive towards and build up to and rewards you with happy hormone release for a minimum of 24hrs post training! Food is medicine, when you put rubbish in you feel rubbish at a cellular level, when you enjoy fresh natural food you are more connected with your body.

5. When facing a challenge always ask yourself “Will this really matter in 5 years?” Remember time heals all. If it genuinely won’t matter in 5 years then don’t hold on to it. Never let a chance go by to be happy. What ever you don’t learn from will continue to come back in varying ‘lessons’. We always get what we ask for… just not necessarily in the pretty wrapping paper we want it in!

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In the end it’s a daily choice, choosing to look beyond any little grievances and magnify the good things in life no matter how tiny they are. The best motivation to be happy is to strive every day to be the best version of yourself, do the things that the best version of yourself would do…

Speak kindly to others, be genuine in your interactions and most importantly exercise and take care of yourself.
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